90 day to MVP

90 Days To a Minimal
Viable Product

Companies are planning and implementing digital products faster than ever.  Our 90 Day MVP program is designed for clients who are tired of bloated feature lists and making decisions without evidence. There’s no better pressure test than putting your product on the market. Our 90-day program gives you the ability to quickly define and launch a digital application that customers can begin using immediately and meets their highest value needs.

The 90 Day MVP program uses a lean methodology to quickly Build a prototype, Measure feedback from customers, and Learn the direction to take your product.
90 day to mutually viable product

During the 90 Day MVP program, Design Mind Consulting will work with you to strategically define, execute, and launch your product.

Week 1

Work with stakeholders to create a Value Hypothesis to test with customers.

Week 2

Recruit customers who will participate in creating your MVP.

Week 3

Create a value-based design prototype.

Weeks 4 & 5 

Test the prototype with your customers.

Week 6

Present customer findings from their interaction with the prototype.

Week 7

Define the timeline for designing and building your new product.

Weeks 8-17

Design and build your new MVP product; create a go-to-market strategy.

Week 18

Launch your new product to the Marketplace.

Our 90 Day MVP program methodology gives you the ability to quickly test your hypothesis, pivot or persevere your solution, measure outcomes, and grow your customers.

Don’t leave your digital products and services to chance. Make sure your minimal viable product is also a minimal usable product. Contact us to plan your 90 Day to MVP program.