vships - Design Mind Consulting UX UI Digital Transformation Case Study

Dashboards Provide Information
From Disparate Backend Data

The Challenge

An international shipping management company needed a way to provide more proactive multi-disciplinary support to its customers to help them achieve cost-savings, safety, and performance-enhancing asset management.  The current application required multi-screen and interfaces to obtain historic data points to make future decisions.

The Goal

Design and build role-specific dashboards that provide instructions and information, rather than data points, so users could make higher level, proactive decisions.

The Approach

We worked closely with our client’s business owners and technology team to clearly identify the different business User Profiles, Roles, and Responsibilities.

We conducted a series of current state and future state Design Sessions for each role to define the required workflows, data location within the CRM application, and calculations required to provide information to users.

We Designed Role Specific dashboards onto a single screen application with calculated data results.  Many dashboards utilized similar information and users could potentially switch to different roles so it was important to have consistency across dashboards. The application of aesthetics was applied to support the designated workflows.

We worked with the client’s IT department to build the new User Interface and integrate into the homegrown backend CRM system composed of 53 modules. The integration included the critical calculations previously done manually by users.