mcf - Design Mind Consulting UX UI Digital Transformation Case Study

Growing Market Reach Through
Online Shopping

The Challenge

A local high-end jewelry store wanted to extend their market reach by providing customers with the ability to design and purchase jewelry online which was currently only offered in the store.  The brand was built on personal service so we needed to incorporate a high-touch feel and trust into the user experience.

The Goal

Create an intuitive, personal, and secure online shopping experience that gives customers the ability to design jewelry with their chosen metals and gemstones.  The site also needed to educate customers on how to select gemstones based on size, clarity, and cut. Since each piece of jewelry is custom made, accurate tagging to the inventory database and instructions to master craftsmen was required.

The Approach

Design Research was critical to assess the willingness of customers to purchase high-end jewelry online and to understand how to fulfill their known and latent requirements.  These purchases had historically been made in the store with people traveling from across the United States to purchase jewelry specifically from this store.  

We determined there was a new market for the store with customers that weren’t able to travel for a purchase but were willing to purchase online.

We created User Flows and Wireframes to define each interaction for user education and to choose their style, designer, metal, and gemstone.  This provided an intuitive experience for customers, independent of where they were in the buying journey, to easily design and securely purchase jewelry.  We also provided an aesthetic treatment that was on-brand and extremely rich and beautiful to match the event of the purchase.

We worked with our client’s SEO team to ensure SEO optimization to drive traffic to the new website.

We worked hand-in-hand with the client’s technology team to build the User Interface and Middleware to accurately integrate into the product database that stored thousands of products.