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Heuristic Website Evaluation

Did you know that once a user visits your website you have less than 8 seconds to engage them? After 8 seconds the majority of visitors will leave. In contrast, a well-designed website can raise your conversation rate by as much as 200%.

Heuristic evaluations assess your website using design principles that define the best user experience for your customers. At the conclusion of our evaluation, we’ll provide findings on a rated scale and recommendations to resolve any issues discovered during the evaluation. 

Provide an optimal experience for your users and ensure your ideal customers find, engage, and convert on your website with Design Mind Consulting’s heuristic website evaluation.

Our evaluation takes into account four target factors that will make your site really work for you and your users: 

1. Design2. Usability
How user-friendly is your design and functionality?Have you optimized the task flows?
Are your design patterns consistent?Does your navigation support ease of task completion?
Are your calls-to-action clear?Are task completion and error messages clear?
Are you brand consistent throughout the website?Is the information easy to find?
Do you follow a clear and minimalist design?Do you meet ADA requirements?
3. Content4. Architecture
Is your content relative and current?Is your page speed optimized?
Is your content engaging with calls to action?Are you using modern web app frameworks?
Are you using jargon or acronyms?Are integrations correctly and optimally set up?
Is your content easily scannable?Are you providing information or data points?
Is your content easily understandable?Is your site secure?

Design Mind Consulting will provide an assessment of your website with prioritized actionable recommendations for optimal user experience.

Heuristic Website Review

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