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Mapping for Success

The Importance of an Effective Customer Journey 

Many companies build a customer journey map based on assumptions and internal organizational processes. While company stakeholders do have a lot of knowledge regarding their customers as well as the company’s products and services, they generally don’t understand the depth and breadth needed for an effective customer journey. 

To understand the different personas of your customers, as well as their specific needs, an in-depth analysis needs to be established through unbiased research.

User experience research focuses on understanding customer (user) behaviors, needs, and motivations. User experience researchers use techniques such as observation, interviews, task analysis, and competitive analysis to help companies discover and optimize each customer interaction supported by relative data of each interaction.

Customer experiences are shaped one interaction at a time, and the overall loyalty and profitability of a buyer ultimately hinges on an organization’s ability to manage this lifecycle of interactions taking place across multiple channels.

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Meaning, once research has been conducted and analyzed, the implementation of an effective customer journey map is fundamental to its success. For each persona discovered, a multitude of touchpoints should be created through a CRM, each shifting depending on the user’s interaction with the touchpoints along their customer journey. 

The goal, to convert interested prospects into customers, and to retain current customers as brand ambassadors.

While this all sounds like a good amount of work, companies that have a formal program to create and manage customer journey maps saw:

Customer journey maps take time, money, and expertise but the numbers prove it’s worth it.

If you’re ready to create or enhance your customer journey and need expert advice or have questions about best practices, we’ve got you covered.

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