intel - Design Mind Consulting UX UI Digital Transformation Case Study

Innovating IoT Consumer Applications

The Challenge

A global chip manufacturer wanted to showcase innovative consumer applications using their proprietary middleware technology. A true “internet-of-things” research and development project aimed at forecasting the future of connected devices.

The Goal

Explore new opportunities between hyper-connected devices, specifically focusing on context-based experiences. Identify real market opportunities for new consumer applications. Present potential joint ventures, acquisitions, or partnerships.

The Approach

We provided a Landscape Map after we explored device sensors, applications and API’s in mobile phones, cars, televisions, home appliances and websites to understand how sets of bio-logged, geo-location, purchase and social networking data could be remixed to provide new consumer experiences.

Armed with a set of design principles and success criteria we went big, quickly creating over 75 concepts Hero Stories. We then refined those concepts into a set of Hero Stories we wanted to test with real people.

To get Consumer Insights we collaborated with potential customers to vet our ideas. We hit the streets and talked with real people to understand how they interacted with different devices throughout their day. We ran quick paper-prototyping sessions in context to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our concepts and uncovered other gems for how people use connected devices.

After Synthesizing and Converging our consumer insights culminated into a new consumer application proposal. Detailed mobile app designs and use cases were created to showcase the middleware technology in action.