Verisk - Design Mind Consulting UX UI Digital Transformation Case Study

Improving System Efficiency
Through Consolidation

The Challenge

The insurance industry crunches massive amounts of data to create policies for every need in society. Risk analysts and underwriters need insurance data to be of the highest quality and efficiently accessible. With over ninety disparate tools, our client’s b2b suite of software products needed some serious upgrade to create the world’s most powerful risk management tool.

The Goal

Consolidate various applications owned by numerous industry bureaus to provide operating efficiencies to the entire insurance industry. Expand the solution set of software features to include recent acquisitions.

The Approach

One approach to Design Research we conducted brought together product owners from every division to contribute their knowledge and discuss how to consolidate application features into one subscription-based SAS product for customers.   

We looked at Usage Data to understand how customers were navigating between software applications to complete task flows. 

We conducted one-on-one Contextual Interviews with customers to watch how they use different features across application subscriptions. We saw hundreds of workarounds and unique tricks that customers would do to get their work done, all because the software didn’t support the task flow intuitively. 

We created a series of Click-able Prototypes to share with customers and collect feedback. This help the development team see what worked and what didn’t and create a roadmap for developing the future-state application.