Trusting your car and auto repair

Taking the Fear Out of Car Repair

The Challenge

Vehicle ownership and repair is often intimidating, and many people don’t understand the language, policies, tools, or services a shop provides. We asked, how might we solve the anxiety and distrust when it comes to car repair? North America’s largest automotive repair retailer needed a multi-channel service strategy to stay ahead of the customer service curve.

The Goal

Create a service strategy for shifting out of a commodity-driven industry into a value-added, easy-to-use, thought-free service enterprise. Create a roadmap outlining a phased approach for developing a premium trusted brand.

The Approach

We conducted Design Research in automotive repair shops, competitive shops, and complimentary stores. The research focused on the experiential quality of customer interactions: Where and how are customers most frustrated with owning and maintaining their vehicles?

We identified areas of opportunity the brand could orchestrate experiences across platforms including: mobile and computer usage, vehicle repair and maintenance schedules, the in-store experience, the front desk experience, and the shop workflow. 

A Vignette is a visual story that describes how customers will engage with new products, systems, and services. It describes the value proposition of new business capabilities and humanizes technological offerings by illustrating real people using the new service. They are compelling views of how business can evolve to offer more value and competitive differentiation in the market. 

We created a Service Roadmap that outlined a phased approach for developing a premium brand. We consulted on every area of the brand including, staff Interactions, the retail store experience, POS & website integration, improved brand identity, and marketing programs as well as corporate policies and management structures.