penske - Design Mind Consulting UX UI Digital Transformation Case Study

Trucking Goes Digital with
B2C and B2B

The Challenge

An international trucking and logistics company had four outdated websites that were not appearing in Google searches and had no clear call to action for conversions.  Our client recognized the need for a clear digital marketing strategy to remain relevant to their customers while opening online revenue streams for company growth.

The Goal

A redesign of their websites to incorporate four lines of business to include e-commerce and multiple languages to extend their market reach and convert more customers. Additional revenue streams and marketing qualified leads were required to grow the business.

The Approach

We continually Educated our client’s C-suite and internal stakeholders to User Experience Design and the efforts that would result in success.  In a growing and diverse market, the client needed to attract customers and employees.

The client invested in deep User Experience Research and stakeholder interviews due to the number of lines of business that needed to be addressed and the number of internal departments involved.  We were able to clearly define personas, user requirements by line of business, stakeholder requirements, business goals and objectives, and internal change processes required that led to success.  

Learnings from the user interviews, stakeholder interviews, and current website analytics provided the information to define a multi-year website roadmap.  Internal teams including business owners, IT, the marketing team, as well as several vendors worked to execute an organizational-wide Digital Strategy for success.

We Designed a compilation of websites with new user interfaces, workflows, and branded Aesthetics and images matched to the line of business that all shared family characteristics.  Extensive Usability Testing ensured user feedback was incorporated into the website design.  We worked closely with SEO partners when we created the content, taxonomy, and tagging to ensure Google ranking putting the client in the top 5 positions on the first page within 3 months of launch.

Detailed User Interface Development was required with the client’s IT department to build the new interface and integrate it into multiple backend systems.  We were able to introduce and use agile development and bi-weekly scrums providing the client with a new methodology for all projects going forward.