The Case for a Heuristic Evaluation

Website and product alike, you may be leaving money on the table 

A heuristic evaluation is an expert review of your website or digital product’s user interface against a set of usability principles. Heuristic usability principles are well-defined guidelines that result in a good user interface. These principles are malleable and allow a degree of interpretation by usability experts.

Originally, websites and user interfaces were created based on what technology could offer with little thought to what users need. Don Norman, a psychologist and usability expert, is often credited as the founder of User Centered Design which is a methodology that puts users at the center of website and product design. 

User centered design answers the Why, What, and How a user will successfully engage with your website and digital products.

Heuristic evaluations are a result of general practices for user centered design created by usability pioneers Jakob Nielsen and Rolf Molich. The principles were developed based on years of experience in engineering and human interaction with technology.

A heuristic evaluation is a great first approach to measure and improve the usability of your digital assets. A well executed heuristic evaluations generally uncovers between 30%-50% of usability issues—from low hanging fruit to complex and severe issues. A heuristic evaluation is conducted by usability experts and doesn’t include usability testing with end users which saves time and money.

A heuristic evaluation will assess many details around design, content, usability, and architecture. But the real purpose of the evaluation is to provide the best user experience that:

A well designed website and/or digital product will help you acquire more customers, increase customer engagement and retention, lower development costs, and decrease customer support costs. It also builds the credibility of your brand with your customers.

Design Mind Consulting can provide an assessment of your website and digital products with prioritized actionable recommendations for optimal user experience. Learn more about our website heuristic evaluations and product heuristic evaluations.

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